How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events

This is not the official website for Outbreak Tour but aims to highlight the successes and innovative approach to music event organising that can be developed for other businesses. The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour was started in 2011 as a way to introduce fans to up-and-coming artists in premium live venues without the insane ticket prices. It works in a variety of different musical genres that range from; EDM and Comedy to Hip-Hop and Rock so that they appeal to a wider demographic.

New Acts

One of their main focuses is drawing attention to new and supporting acts that are breaking out in the industry. The Monster Energy Drink Outbreak Tour is responsible for the emergence of acts such as; Wale, Of Mice and Men and Asking Alexandria but they do this in a fun way by creating different tour editions. For example, the Hip Hop Edition in 2012 featured Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea and Macklemore which were aimed at a different demographic than, for example The College Edition, or The Rock Edition. They were marketing to allow followers access to new music within their genre as well as established artists that they were already fond of.

Understanding Technology

The Outbreak Tour understand technology and as most of their demographic is from the younger generations it makes sense to utilise platforms they are most familiar with. For example, frequently using eTickets is a way to remove the costs associated with printing (and lost tickets), can minimise counterfeit tickets as well as making them easier to transfer if necessary. They can either be printed at home or used on a mobile device upon entry and are the increasingly preferred method for the younger audiences which means Outbreak Tours are effectively appealing to its market.

Online Presence

Keeping everything online and up-to-date is important because it makes it easier for potential ticket buyers to find you! Using a social media as well as a well-maintained website is essential for keeping engaged with fans and staying present in their mind.

Keeping Ticket Costs Down

Most notably, the key element that Outbreak Tours utilise is low ticket costs and this can be done in a variety of ways. Lower ticket costs mean you are more accessible to a wider audience and can often mean more sales overall. In addition to this you are likely to create a loyal following as an organiser as well as for the bands as cheaper tickets are viewed favourably. Here are some ways you can keep ticket costs low and some tips that Outbreak Tours uses.

1. Multi-Level Bands
Attract attention for tickets with a big band or performer that you can spend a bit of money on, then fill the rest of the line up with high-quality amateur bands looking for experience, recognition and importantly have much lower cost. Outbreak Tours do this perfectly, but the key point to note is that they have to be talented emerging artists, if all of your support acts are terrible, you won’t get repeat business.

2. Outdoor Venues
Using a public or outdoor venue with a larger capacity and plenty of space can be vastly cheaper per guest than a stadium or other venue. You could add elements such as seating or encourage attendees to pitch a tent and bring their own fold up ones to reduce costs even further. Outdoor venues like fields and public parks are notorious for festivals and music events and it adds to the atmosphere!

3. Simple Staging
Let the music do the talking and go for simple raised staging rather than intricate rigging that is not only expensive to purchase or rent, it’s costly to ship and pay to install. Instead, focus your budget on where it matters, for example with excellent audio-visual equipment and if you want a fancier stage then buy props, backdrops or décor rather than the set itself.

4. Larger Capacities
Although expenses increase the bigger your event goes, so does your potential sales and profit which means that in keeping prices low, you can divide by more tickets. Choose stadiums or outdoor venues with larger capacities that will allow you to sell more tickets and create packed out shows with excellent atmosphere.

5. Organisers Set Prices
In many instances, when dealing with established brands, they will set the prices for the event based on their desired costs or expenses. This could include specific hotels, many crew members and a variety of equipment shipping. Many of these costs are flexible and simply require less outlay which means that when organising the event, you can, within reason, set prices. This stops big artists charging whatever they feel like and can allow you to get passionate bands that are thinking of fans and keeping it accessible.
That being said, you have to be reasonable. In many instances some costs are unavoidable, for example, equipment shipping costs are fairly unified so instead of trying to save money there, you could pick an artist who is more local to reduce the distance it needs to be shipped.

6. Offer Incentives
Ensuring that you meet your ticket quota will mean you can keep ticket sales down for the future and the best way to do this is to provide incentives that keep local guests. Some of the ways to do this is by using pre-sales to drive the demand and utilise the power of not wanting to miss out from your other guests. You could also offer group or bulk discounts that would appeal to groups travelling together or simply returning customers get a discount voucher to use.

7. Get Sponsors
Outbreak Tour uses the Monster Energy Drinks as its sponsors for the events and this helps with the extra associated costs. Find a big name to plaster across your event to not only help pay the bills but extend the brand and event awareness across their customers as well. It doesn’t always have to be a multi-national company, it could also be a local business looking for more coverage too.

Now you’ve kept your ticket sales low, why are you doing this in the first place? Many will suggest that festivals, tours and music concerts are a waste of money, but they have extensive benefits all round and here’s why:

The Benefits of Music Events

1. Reduces Stress
There have been many documented studies showing that music reduces stress so providing ways to facilitate this, particularly in climates where depression is increasing is important. For many, a music festival is an annual treat and with holiday prices soaring it can be the only break they get!

2. Creates Fun Exercise
Guests want to take better care of themselves and what better way to exercise than jumping up and down and dancing for hours. Exercise that is definitely more fun!

3. Creates Social Benefits
Music tends to leave a lasting memory and often, at these events it is the social aspects that intertwine and make you remember it long-term. Create social benefit by taking all of your friends and using it as an excuse to get closer and socialise. It is events like this that can cement long-term friendships and introduce you to new people.

4. Introduces You To New Content
Part of the Outbreak Tour ethos is to encourage new bands to mingle with established ones to test out how they are received by the public. For an attendee this works for their benefit as well because it offers an opportunity to discover new music, bands or talent that you wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. This broadens your horizons and can benefit other areas of your life making you more likely to try other new things or experiences.

Outbreak Tour creating accessible tickets and opportunities for emerging artists are one of the reasons they have become so popular and are responsible for many big acts now. Without these events it is clear to see that some would not be offered the outlet they do and may turn to other activities which can destroy communities. With this in mind, keeping ticket prices low but quality high is the recipe for success, and has worked wonders for Outbreak Tour.

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