How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events

Hard Drive Live 2013

The Monster Energy Outbreak 2013 Hard Drive Live Tour was a resounding success so we will be unofficially looking at some of the aspects that made it popular as well as some of the headlining acts that were featured. You should be able to adapt some of the aspects so that you can have a successful music event in the future.

Hard Drive Live is an annual live music tour that features just over a month of dates and involves popular line-ups with the 2013 tour being headlined by Bullet for My Valentine who brought big hits from their fourth album, “Temper Temper.” They were supported by Young Guns and Halestorm who were grateful to get back to touring around the US, but here are some of the ways that the tour was made so popular:

The Tagline – Every event needs a purpose and tagline that is memorable and gives ticket buyers an idea of what to expect. For the Hard Drive Live 2013, the tagline was “Live Hard, Play Loud” indicating it was going to be energetic with excellent quality bands.

The Breakout – Every Outbreak Tour features an up-and-comers and these can be particularly beneficial because the tickets are affordable and guests will be able to say they saw some of their favourite bands when they were just starting out, making them hardcore supporters. For the 2013 Hard Drive Live, the breakout band was Stars in Stereo.

Different Venues – Each concert was held in a different city, at a different venue and for avid supporters who are following them it makes the shows more dynamic. In addition, adding this level of availability shows that you are trying to appeal to everyone and this means the likelihood of picking up loyal and long-term fans.

Extensive Dates – Offering many dates again increases ticket sale chances because people are more likely to be able to come. 2013 Hard Drive Live had 22 dates ranging from April 12th – May 22nd so that there was something to appeal to everyone.

The Music – Of course, the tour owes its resounding success to the acts that made the show great. However, some credit can go to the organisers who were able to merge these different bands to create a unified show that appealed to the demographic. The ability to make an unknown band feel at home and not singled out among seasoned professionals is no easy feat and could have added to the success.

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