How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events


This is the unofficial backstage sneak peek to Outbreak Tour where we will take a look behind the scenes on where it all started and what it is. Monster Energy Outbreak Tour was created as a collaboration between the Monster Energy drink brand and Idol Roc Entertainment which is a music production and management company that scouts musicians as well as represents them. This pairing means a perfect combination of understanding how to market and brand a band while finding those with the talent who will succeed and go far.

It’s aim? To create an affordable experience as well as nurture growing bands with new atmospheres that would appeal to fans. It does this by securing line-ups that had massive headliners to draw the crowds combined with smaller acts that would be shown off and given their chance in the spotlight which would build the buzz around the event. It’s this unique set up that led to the quick growth of Outbreak Tours, having expanded to create four instalments and work with major names within 14 months of starting up.

Big artists including Iggy Azalea, Macklemore and The Chainsmokers are all Outbreak alumni having been discovered using the Tours and with multi-platinum success between them it gives hope to fledgling artists in the future. Outbreak Tours plan to expand into new and emerging niches and musical genres so that all fans can experience the accessibility and opportunities of putting their bands forward and seeing them play at affordable prices.

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