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Getting Noticed

The life of a musician, to some, can seem like a fairy tale. They travel, sing and make tons of money, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and for many the reality is that they won’t make it and will wash out. This is a sad fact of the industry, not everything is as magical as it first seems so it is important to get yourselves noticed as an amateur band and here are some ways to do this.

Be Passionate
If you are only in it for the money, you are in the wrong profession! The audience and importantly the scouts are aiming to see the passion behind the music as well as bands that are committed to their craft. Many talented musicians wanted to make money but first and foremost they just want to make music and if that’s you, you are on the right track.

Invest in A Website
It’s excellent for promotion to create your own website. Even if you have to start with a free platform like WordPress and then evolve to something more in depth, it’s important to have a presence online and somewhere to refer agents if they search for you online. A website is also a fantastic place to keep your growing fan base up to date!

Interact With Fans
From the biggest names to start-up bands, everyone will have some sort of fanbase (even if it’s only your family to begin with) and it’s important to nurture them. After all, sales and fans create the basis for success and they are the ones that can define if you make it or not so ensure that you interact with them and thank them throughout your journey.

Pick Your Name Wisely
Picking a name for a band that everyone will remember is not an easy task, you need something memorable but interesting because it is the lasting element that will stick in their mind. Pick a band name that makes fans stop and think or a play on words will make extra impact that will help.

Be Authentic
Don’t try to be something you are not! If you are an alternative band, don’t try to downplay this, similarly if you are a pop group, don’t try to change to fit what you think the audience wants. Aside from making you miserable, fans and talent scouts alike will be able to notice.

There is no magic recipe for getting your bands noticed and for many it’s a matter of luck and timing. But making sure you are true to yourselves, clever with your name and invest in being seen you will give yourselves a head start.

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