How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events

College Events

A college tour when discussing music is an event that is held either on campus or to appeal to the college and university demographic, marketing solely to them. An Outbreak college tour is a way of bringing students together and allowing them to bond and deal with the stresses of exams or studying in a healthier environment. Plus, many bands form in college or university so it provides plenty of depth and inspiration to those who are looking to be noticed. Outbreak Tours are more affordable, and this means that struggling students can still enjoy what they love without paying the premium prices!

That being said, planning a college tour is not as easy as they will have you believe so here is some insight into the planning phases behind a college music event.

Many tours will be on campus and this means the correct permits for not only the venue but alcohol, health and safety and noise pollution. If you don’t provide the proper paperwork, authorities could shut down the entire project.

Obviously one of the key components to a college tour is the line up! It is all about ensuring that you have the right bands that will appeal. The way Outbreak Tours usually deal with this is to have a main headlining act that would generally be the one that is marketed to draw others in and then use subsequent bands to fill out the rest of the evening so you don’t increase your ticket prices but you still give good quality music.

College or university events tend to attract younger individuals who will try to sneak in for the alcohol or alternatively a few of the trouble makers. Security is needed to keep everyone safe and this is something that is needed throughout the event and even several hours later. Security shouldn’t be allowing anyone in without tickets or ID and you should always use qualified security guards so that you don’t void your insurance.

Luckily, college events easily spread via social media or word of mouth within campus, but you want to appeal to different schools, not just one. This requires extensive marketing and publicity so that you get enough ticket sales to justify your event. Use posters and inform on college radio stations, newsletters and papers. You could also recruit film and photography students to create a teaser trailer and marketing materials to help!

IF you get the balance right, the college crowd are perfect to market to, particularly if you are looking for new talent and an idea of what will be popular in the mainstream or not!

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