How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events

Music Dates

Outbreak Tour release events throughout the year that ensure it’s never too long to wait before seeing some favourites and new faces. However, it can be particularly difficult to choose the best dates for a music event, particularly when the demographic is quite young. So, how do you choose the right dates to ensure that you get the best turnout and ticket sales possible?


Utilise Holidays – Whether it’s St. Patricks Day, Christmas or Easter make the most of throwing an event to celebrate. Musical events can still be themed and gives guests a good excuse to meet up and go with their friends. Just remember that for big holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. not to throw the event on the actual day, just close to it otherwise you might get disappointing sales as everyone opts to stay inside and celebrate with their family and friends.

Ask! – If you are uncertain about the local interest, create a poll, survey or hand out leaflets and gauge a response. There is no point in organising a music festival if it doesn’t appeal to the demographic in the area. Use social media to ask and interact with potential attendees so that you know exactly how well you will be received and at which time of year.

Consider End of Term – Summer break or end of ter m provides an excellent opportunity to plan events, particularly because you have extra set-up venues and options on campus but also because most people are likely to be free. Plan festivals in particular because as an event that usually lasts several days the main college demographic will be able to commit and use it as a mini holiday and break from their studies without having to go far.

Give Plenty of Notice – The key point to remember is to give plenty of notice when planning events, particularly when you are planning in a time that might be quite busy or you have a lot of competition. This can help you to get ahead of the other events so that attendees choose you because you get them to commit early. Just ensure you are remembered by sending regular updates and reminders as time goes on so that you don’t double book.


Plan During Transport Strikes – In many instances, public transport will pre-publish the dates when there are a reduced number of trains or buses as well as strikes or planned works. Obviously, you won’t be able to account for unplanned or scheduled options but making sure your event doesn’t coincide with these is wise. This is because you want to make it as easy as possible to get to your event and the more guests can using existing infrastructure, the less you have to pay or organise to get people there. If it is a logistical nightmare to get to the tour then chances are people won’t turn up. Not only this, if they do turn up the event will be overshadowed by the difficulty in arriving.

Distract Exam Times – For the college crowd, it might seem tempting to create a “distraction” from exams by offering a college tour in the middle, however this is not the case. You will either get a poor turnout as everyone is too stressed and studying or you’re facilitating a lack of work and making students choose between seeing the bands they love and the careers or grades they need for the future. Avoid exam times at all costs!

You won’t be able to appease everyone and unfortunately there will be some that won’t be able to attend on your chosen dates, however adhering to these do’s and don’ts should allow you to plan a music college tour that everyone is excited for.

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