How Outbreak Tour
Is Changing Music Events

Music Festival Essentials

In 2016 Outbreak Tours launched their Up & Up festival which was specifically aimed at the college crowd. It intended to create friendly rivalry between schools as well as a way to scout new talent. Each school would put forward a list of their favourite bands and then the most popular would be chosen to play at the festival which encouraged a musical culture within the colleges. But, as an audience member, what are the essentials that you need to bring with you?

1. Wet Wipes
These useful multi-tools can be used for everything and you’ll need a lot of them! Having hundreds of people dancing around you, you'll be covered in dust and dirt, you can't expect to get out of there clean. The other festival goers, particularly the drunk ones, have a weird tendency to throw beer in the crowd and of course you’ll need to freshen your face, particularly if you are camping overnight!

2. Small Umbrella
Many festivals won’t allow you to bring massive umbrellas but a small and compact version will have to do. It allows you to cover and protect yourself from the rain or sun as well as being handily compact for your bag so won’t take up much space! A perfect festival tip is to paint your name on the top of your umbrella so that your friends will be able to find you in the crowd.

3. Hoodie
The clothing of choice for festivals because nobody has time for a big, restrictive coat when they are trying to dance. A hoodie is a good intermediary because it can shield you from the rain for a while as well as keep you warm enough, plus they are unrestrictive, cozy and you could have customized options made for your friends before you go.

4. Backpack
Either take your own small backpack of essentials of have a centralized option that you all take turns in carrying! It is excellent for your essentials and often with the muddy ground, you can’t take suitcases!

5. Old, Comfortable Shoes
Remember, this is not a music concert, so you need to fight the urge to dress up and wear your best clothes. Your shoes will almost definitely get muddy, wet and trodden on (not to mention any drink spills or leakages) so ensure that they are okay to get trashed once the festival is done. Also, don’t forget the non-stop dancing at a festival, so you need something comfortable that is going to see you through the early morning jams!

Ultimately, a music festival, even a fan-funded option like the Outbreak Tour start-ups are a place to have fun and enjoy the music, just remember these essentials so that it runs smoothly.

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